FastWorks Latest Release 11698

FastWorks Latest Release 11698

Postby hackish » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:36 am

Latest version of FastWorks release stream is here. You can always install this over whatever current version you have.

Initial installation instructions: Download and run setup.exe. The software will prompt you for your account info or allow you to register a new account. You want to register a new account. Although it is a good idea to have your tactrix cable handy it should be possible to bypass this step.

If you are upgrading from a uvtunes account then simply use your old account as they have all been migrated over from the old server.

Known issues
- 2D maps have been improved by the axis text values are still incomplete
- The units editor is available in preferences and it saves your selections but they are not yet automatically chosen in the gauges or editor screens.
- After the initial installation you may need to exit and go back into the SW to flash the tuned file in.
- selections in graph mode do not carry over to the table mode and the +/- items do not move the graph selected items
- server definition updates are not yet functional

Build 11698
- Fixes some instability trying to connect to the license server if there is no internet connection available.
- fixes a crash if the cable is unplugged from the USB port while connected.
- improves the vehicle info dialog so it is evident to the user if their extended datalogging is active.

Next build...
- Support for some new logging hardware
- Fixes to the 3D maps where using the keys to navigate would run the computer out of memory
- Now gives you the option to query the server if a license is not found
- Additional reporting for the flashing device
- Improved navigation in log data
- Improved logging support
- More robust flashing
- Intelligent file naming when picking save-as, If your filename ends with a number it can suggest a filename with the number increased by 1. So testing1.cod will appear under save-as as testing2.cod
- The ability to query you for notes every time you pick save-as. Months later you will have an idea what you were working on with testing2.cod
- Ability to query the server for software updates
- Fixed the 2d chart up/down arrow key direction
- fixed the 3d chart up/down arrow key direction
- Mouse selection now works for 2d charts
- right clicking on a map or its axes now delays opening the popup until the right mouse button is up - this prevents the user from accidentally selecting the menu item that appears under the mouse pointer when the popup menu is created.
- undo/redo now groups changes made to a group of selected cells and applies or unapplies all the changes as a single operation rather than cell by cell.

build 11698
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