Cool way to share tunes and logs with me...

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Cool way to share tunes and logs with me...

Post by hackish » Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:04 pm

While managing all the files for 300+ tunes I use dropbox to organize everything. This way I can often help out when I'm not in the office near my desktop. I did manage to get a good system going. To do this you need to have a dropbox account.

Here is a referral link:

Sign up to dropbox and let me know. I'll share your tuning folder with you. Then if you have files/logs to send me we can simply sync them across the computers. It even works better if you edit the logs location under preferences to put it directly in the dropbox folder. As soon as you reconnect your tuning laptop to the internet it will share the log files with me.

If you want to get this going please PM your name, make, and year of car and I'll send you the share link back.


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