WOT and near WOT

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WOT and near WOT

Postby truthdweller » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:41 pm

I'll do that and get back to you. Btw, I'm leaving in nine days for the shootout in Ohio. Any updates to Fastworks yet? No problem if you can't do any tweaks between now and then, just checking as the time draws nearer.

Mike, I just got off the road a few minutes ago and I think I'm noticing something significant...probably just my imagination. Instead of WOT, I'm accelerating just short of WOT and keeping the AFR's from 11.4 - 11.8. When I do this the car feels like a rocket with the afterburners on and they don't want to shut off! Next thing I know, I'm doing 220+ kmh! I first noticed it while on surface streets accelerating from stop lights and wasn't sure if that's what I was experiencing. So, I did two more runs on the highway and a big smile formed on my face as I rocketed past traffic, staring at my AFR gauge and keeping it in the 11's. If I pushed past that to WOT the AFR's drop into the low 10's like they should, but I wouldn't go there on purpose. Am I imaging things?
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Re: WOT and near WOT

Postby hackish » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:47 am

Ok, I split this off into its thread since it doesn't really apply to the FastWorks software. More of a tuning question.

It is possible that your ECU has some settings for WOT enrichments or timing adjustments and such. I've never looked for nor found them. There are 2 key points to watch.

1: Make sure you are not getting any knock count that would subsequently be adding extra enrichment.
2: See of your target mixture is any different during these runs

I would suggest logging them and checking the load values too as you may simply be hitting a different point in the boost fuel map.

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