FastWorks Latest Release 16571

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FastWorks Latest Release 16571

Post by hackish » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:36 am

Latest version of FastWorks release stream is here. You can always install this over whatever current version you have.

Initial installation instructions: Download and run setup.exe. The software will prompt you for your account info or allow you to register a new account. You want to register a new account. Although it is a good idea to have your tactrix cable handy it should be possible to bypass this step.

If you are upgrading from a uvtunes account then simply use your old account as they have all been migrated over from the old server.

Known issues
- If you connect to the ECU then update templates the logging isn't updated with the new template. *quit and re-open software*
- Update templates always downloads the templates rather than only the ones that were updated. * no workaround needed *
- template update claims no templates were updated when they were in fact updated.
- Auto-approval and capture of your license sometimes gives an error. * license has to be assigned by me before proceeding but this is how it has always worked in the past *
- Auto-update not working on some versions of windows. Users will need to download and run a new installer.
- full extended logging not working on all ECUs.
- Lancer ralliart install not working correctly

Build 16571
- Fixed several crashes related to closing the software while logging is still open / active.
- Logging improved
- Eclipse logging updated for new patches
- Improved live tuning support on Mitsubishi

Next release:
- Auto-update now fixed and tested for all available versions of windows.
- full extended logging now working on all ECUs.
- Lancer ralliart install now tested and working.
- Reading of vehicle VIN improved for older KLine ECUs.

Download here: ... p.exe?dl=0


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