Fastworks ECU Upgrade Yearly Sale 2016

Fastworks ECU Upgrade Yearly Sale 2016

Postby hackish » Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:41 pm

Every year I've put the FastWorks system on sale. Up in Canada we still have a lot of snow and temperatures are still below freezing so I like to call it a "Snow is finally melting event!" The sale runs from April 15th to May 15th.

What is the FastWorks ECU Upgrade?

Having sold over 500 tunes, FastWorks is by far the most popular ECU upgrade for the 4G Eclipse and 4G69/6G75 series Galant. The system integrates tuning/logging/flashing in the same package produced in-house. It comes with a base tune that is tailored specifically to your modifications. It also comes with modifications to the factory programming that adds other features not available from Mitsubishi.

How is FastWorks different from other reflashes?

I was the original person who cracked and developed a way to tune this series of ECUs. With this knowledge I re-wrote sections of the factory program to add new features. Since I am the original author of the software and programming changes I don't have to rely on any 3rd parties for editing definitions, accuracy or support. Being the original developer also gives me the ability to expose settings for non-standard setups or race cars as they are needed.

The differences are in the new features and in the support you get. I've got 16 years of tuning experience, 16 years of engine building, diagnostics etc. My specialty is in engine management so you get support that is backed by experience and technical know-how.

What new features does FastWorks give me?

The latest set of features will be announced at the beginning of the sale.

All vehicles get extended datalogging. This allows access to items you need to tune properly but Mitsubishi did not make visible.
MT cars can have 2 stage rev-limiters, also known as launch control.
All vehicles have additional changes available to allow turbochargers or superchargers to run.
The software now supports the ELM327 cable for datalogging only.

What does the tune give me?
A GS will have 8-10hp more at the wheels and a GT will gain 12-15hp. Depending on your modifications many cars will make larger gains. Most do make more but I like to quote numbers I feel everyone will achieve rather than fiction that "sounds good".

Most cars will gain a minimum if 10% in fuel economy. This means that the upgrade will generally pay for itself in a year of driving. The harder you drive your car the more fuel it saves you.

How long does it take to get a tune?

For most people the tune is delivered within 1-2 business days.

Rarely, I encounter a calibration I have never seen before. With these I must build and verify an "editing template" or definition so your ECU can be edited. I also have to build the changes to add new features. This takes time, generally a week. With a big sale like this it can take a bit longer but I do put in a lot of hours to try and get things out the door as fast as possible.

How do I buy the system?

Detailed instructions will be posted when the sale starts.

What does the system cost?
Naturally Aspirated cars. Regular price: $349.99. On Sale $249.99
Turbo/Supercharged cars: Regular price $399.99. On Sale $349.99
Datalogging only $9.99 - I expect to release the logging only version on the 15th of May.
All prices quoted in USD. Sale pricing valid on all purchases from April 15th through May 15th 2016.

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