Next purchase suggestion?

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Next purchase suggestion?

Post by mrralliart09 » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:10 pm

So far I have DC Sports cold air, outlander tb, and magnaflow axle-back and currently awaiting a tune. I probably won't do much more to the exhaust since any headers would fail visual. I know this is a huge jump from 'next step' but internals? I have an extra motor I could take the manifold from to port. My goal is to be able to smog it with little modification. I'm not really interested in wrenching unless you guys can convince me otherwise. Our best gas here is 91 by the way would any fuel additives benefit the 4g69?

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Re: Next purchase suggestion?

Post by hackish » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:37 am


Fuel additives haven't really shown significant gains. If you're interested in making significant horsepower gains then forced induction is really the best solution. Otherwise, you can spend the same number of dollars on small bolt-on upgrades where each makes single digit gains. I have a customer who spent $10k on his 4G69, doing everything from a ported head, valve springs, retainers, cam, intake manifold, intake, header, exhaust, high compression pistons, knife edge crank and a few other things. Ultimately he made just over 200whp. Conversely, someone else spend $2500 on a used RIPP supercharger kit and has been makine 250whp for years. I'm not advocating cheating emissions, but I am aware that it takes a few hours to remove and reinstall a supercharger, so some people have opted to temporarily uninstall their kit when they needed to be compliant with emissions rules. Some juristictions also allow mods, provided the sniffer test passes, so you'd have to look at what your own rules say.


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