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Attn: hackish, Latest release changes

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:43 am
by cranswick
Hey Mike,

So my wideband stopped working last year shortly before I blew up my motor...The new motor has been running great by the way, so I can't thank you enough for that. Anyway, I've started tuning again, now that we're settled into our new house and I have some free time, I installed a new sensor and harness for my wideband gauge. I've noticed numerous changes to the software...mainly that the MAP sensor data that's logged no longer reads in absolute pressure, but only above atmospheric, which is fine, however the boost fuel maps seem like they may have the same data, but the horizontal axis only defines boost, starting from atmospheric pressure. Is this correct, or has the data in the table been shifted to correctly place the fuel numbers in the correct column? It seems like since I've started flashing the ECU again, I've run into very persistent knock, and lean conditions under boost initially, and then VERY rich conditions as I hit max boost at around 10 psi. I can't compare to my old tunes, because when I load them, they all start from 0 kpa, where it used to have a few columns for vacuum pressure, and some old tunes for my stock ECU, don't show boost fuel tables at i'm having trouble remembering if the numbers in the boost fuel tables are correct for those particular columns, but I feel like the data stayed the same but the axes changed, and that's where i'm running into trouble...does that make sense? I have a new MAF sensor, and EGR valve on order, and a new knock sensor on-hand just in case.

Another thing I noticed was that under fuel scalars the injector size was reading 488 cc/min, with a maf size of 114mm, where it used to be 418 cc and around 64mm respectively...I changed it back, and it idled very rough, so I put it back to where it was, I found this rather strange, so I figured i'd drop you a line...thanks