Disabling Mitsubishi Speed Limiters

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Disabling Mitsubishi Speed Limiters

Post by hackish » Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:30 pm

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The majority of Mitsubishi vehicles have a number of different limiters on them. Speed can be limited in a number of ways. Some limiters will slow you down based on the throttle position, limp mode, sensor failures, RPM and actual speed travelled. While all limiters can be disabled globally, we feel that disabling only specific sets is a better approach as limiting the maximum speed can be a good idea when certain hardware failures have occurred or the computer detects that a transmission is overheating.

While we do not advocate exceeding posted speed limits on public roads, there are sometimes situations where users would rather not have the factory speed limiter engaged. While racing on closed roads or race tracks many vehicles are certainly capable of exceeding the factory programmed limits. We leave the details and safety considerations up to the end users but there are also a few ways you can verify that your speed limiters have properly been removed.

We normally do our testing on a chassis dynomometer. With this, the wheels rest on rollers and the vehicle can be safely run at very high speeds without the vehicle physically moving.


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